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Meetnet Vlaamse Banken

Accessing data via web services

The data collected by the Meetnet Vlaamse Banken is not only available via this website, but also via web services.
The web services are based on REST (Respresentation State Transfer), and are available via HTTPS.
In order to make use of these web services, you must have an account with the Meetnet Vlaamse Banken. You need to create this account yourself on the website via 'Login'. You can use the same account for both the website and the web services.
As soon as you have an account, you have access to a large list of parameters that are collected at different locations along the Flemish Coast

The web service has the following functions:

  • Ping: allows you to check whether the system of Meetnet Vlaamse Banken is up and running.
  • Catalog: this function can show different meta-data, specific for the logged on user:
    • User account of the logged on user
    • List of available locations
    • List of available Parameters
    • List of available Location-Parameters, these have an ID with which the data can then be retrieved ('GetData').
  • CurrentData: Displays the most recently acquired data available to the logged on user.
  • GetData: displays the collected data for one or more parameters within a specified period of time.
The detailed description can be found on the web service page
Once you have logged in, you can also view the list of available data via the account page.